He told me that his father had passed away.

This painting is nicely done. It looks just like Mom.

Don't you think it went great?

Hurry up, and you will be in time.


Do you have ashtrays?

The suspect was last seen wearing paint-splattered carpenter pants.

Did you iron all the shirts?

Many children learn to use a computer even before entering school.

I've seen the dog.

You and I have the same idea.

The media has only discussed one thing in the last few months; the economic crisis.

You'll give it a shot, won't you?

Do as you're told and we'll get along fine.

Many people, even ones who generally like sex, find fetishes repulsive.

I'd buy that.

Tammy decorated the cake.

Try to learn a little French.


How is Leon doing?

She survived her husband by ten years.

I just want a place that is near the beach and the city centre.


Mum, the rice crackers have gotten damp and they're not nice anymore.

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What a blunder!


Basque is a commonly cited example of a language isolate.

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He has an estate in the country.

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He is certain of winning the game.

The meeting was cancelled.

The book is now available.


Kate stays in Izu over the weekend.

Hughes seems to be fine.

I'm sure Howard wouldn't mind.

Dori can't be killed.

A vacation will do you lots of good.

The speaker paused and then went on talking again.

The diving competition is one of Joon's favorite events to watch in the Olympics.

Why does she apply olive oil on her lashes?

We've never had this problem before.

I don't see them anymore.

While entering the prison the new guy suffered a heart attack.


The old lady had a cane.


We import raw materials and export the finished products.

The artist's drawing was drawn with charcoal.

Happy the one who no more desires!

Barbara was completely shell-shocked after Kristi dressed her down for being late for the meeting.

I thought you said you were staying until 2:30.

Look at this!

Reiner is a truck driver.

It's just an idea.

You look dead, bud.


I'm sorry I missed your concert.

No, don't say anything!

How do you know Kriton is really safe?


I'm opening my presents now.

He explored the region around the South Pole.

She needs a coat.


She has a collection of stuffed animals.

That should tell us something.

A doctor examined Mr. Brown.

He wakes up at noon.

Hey, turn on the meter first.

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The problem with many things is the pre-conceived ideas we have about them!

Lin said he'd only talk to you.

We want to negotiate.


If you'll wait a moment, I can help you.


What're we missing?

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He isn't very good at math.


Two stockings are called a pair of stockings.


Kirk sat on the bed.

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Clearly, they have more important things to worry about.

I developed an aversion toward the word "awesome".

This is a nice place for a picnic.


You didn't believe me, did you?

Is this the bus to Oxford?

Learn Uyghur!

What's your favorite cereal?

Hillary offered to drive Po home.

It wasn't until long after they got married that Danielle found out that Susanne was wanted for murder.

I mean what I'm saying.


She's not sick.


We were going to try that.

Our kids need something to do.

He was robbed of his youth.

I lighted one.

This is where Kristi told us to meet him.

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The Sun smiled through the window every morning.

We're weak.

Come back as soon as you can.

Nursing insurance covers drawing up the care plan and other work supporting home nursing.

It could be anywhere.

Since my boyfriend is more of an indoors person, we didn't go to the beach, nor to the mountains this summer.

Nora had no further questions.

I believe that consciousness is the way information feels when being processed.

I don't think you should marry Hillel.


He refused to listen to our request for help.


We should ask them.

The sight filled Vasilissa with horror and she stopped as still as a post buried in the ground.

Never have I seen such a beautiful sight.

Don't worry. He knows what he's doing.

It was untrue.

There's something else you need to do.

Julie didn't blame Courtney for what had happened.

He woke up of himself.

Don't forget your ice skates.


When it rains, the buses are late more often than not.

Lindbergh's solo nonstop transatlantic flight was a remarkable accomplishment.

I don't like it when people ignore me.

She's attracted to Asian guys.

Also, I am not a fan of the cafeteria food.

I think I've heard that somewhere before.

Bill will be in Boston for a week.

Are there many clubs in your city?

John is good at mathematics.

He has a beautiful young wife.

Everyone left except us.

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I tried to get hold of you.

George does not mix much; he likes to keep to himself.

He has a remarkable memory.

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No one agreed with Roxanne.


I'm afraid for you.

I want to know what's in this box.

You cannot hit your sister.


Saul wrapped his arms around Sugih.

I came to you because I need your help.

Tell them what you told me.

When were you planning on telling Beth about what happened?

You shouldn't have been there.

It's 11 o'clock. The children must go to bed. They have school tomorrow.

Kaj is smashed.

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I couldn't come to the birthday party.

Donna tends to be a bit grumpy.

This is the house where he was brought up.

Have you ever cleared this garden?

King is the person to ask.


He is always generous to poor people.

He is writing a letter to his parents now.

Knapper had better hurry if he wants to get home before dark.

Spock hasn't complained of any discomfort.

Usually I cycle or get the bus to work.

He fell lamentably short of his duty.

The remark you made at the party about Lisa's weight was totally uncalled for.

Son is tapping his foot impatiently.

My clock seems to be broken.

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Further details are presented below.

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I figured you wouldn't want the teacher to know you hadn't done your homework yet.

I think that she doesn't want to eat any more.

But on the day of the mock exams, there are no club activities, so that means I can walk back home with Haruka. And I'm grateful for that.

Is there anybody left?

Roland has no authority to do that.

Hiroyuki is related to me.

We've got news for you.


Ralph looks fatigued.

Please give us three references.

Despite being of different quality, this orange is as good as that one.

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She makes careful choices when she buys clothes.

I know what you were doing.

Hank is in the mess hall.

The writer is working on a new book.

She has a small house.

Ofer would do anything for Hillary.

Even when I was a child, I was able to swim well.


I haven't heard anything.

Betty has got some decisions to make.

The "buddy system" is a way to stay safe while hiking in the woods, except when encountering pregnant bears, which eat for two or even three or four.